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Treasures High Frequency Words

October: 1-40, November: 41-60, December: 61-80, January: 81-100, February: 100-110, March: 111-120, April: 121-130, May: 131-140, June: 141-150
Directions: Orally read the word three times, orally spell each word three times, (eg, print/write the word in the air), and orally use one or more high frequency words to make a sentence.


ALL Jolly Phonics songs in alphabetic order, inc qu PLUS digraphs ch,th,sh,ai,ee or, oi WeeHands - The Alphabet Song (American Sign Language) Alphabet Learning with Nature video-lip reading
Phonics Sounds First Grade Unit 1 - Hooked on Phonics Meet the Phonics - Digraphs Preview : Sh When Two Vowels Go Walking ee, ea, sh, ch, oo, oo, ar, ou or, ir, ow, oy, oa, aw, ay ai Double Phonics Chant \
Phonics (Rhyming Words)ABC Phonics Chant
ABC Fast Phonics-Sounds
Animal ABC-BBC Motion GalleryABC SONG - Official soundtrack Talking ABC... App
THE DIGRAPH SONG (DIGRAPH: SH,CH,TH,WH) Consonant Digraphs: sh ch wh th American English Pronunciation Dictionary

Hooked on Phonics

Phonics Words First Grade Lesson 1-ch, sh c-h, s-h, t-h, w-h, s-l, s-n ending with ch tach sh th ng mp ng
wh - Phonics - where, when, white ea - Phonics - meat, seat, cheat ee - Phonics - feet, keen, seed
Dolch Words Sorted Phonetically

First 100 High Frequency Words with voice
Fry's First 100 Vocabulary Sight Words (1 - 25) More Basic Sight Words Reading. Educational Video for Children. 2 Letter Words Part 1 FirstStepReading
Sight Words that TEACH

Short Vowel "o" Book (Vowels)
Long Vowel "o" Book (Vowels)
Long 'O' Silent 'E' Phonics Lesson
song-"Silent e" by The Bazillions
Double Phonics Chant
Sound Waves Chants and Actions
History Videos for Kids_ Washington _Getting to Know George
Abraham Lincoln - Mini Biography

Word Families Word Family Readers

Little Book Lane
First Grade CCE

Read Aloud Stories

Read ALoud Story
Rascal's Souvenir
The Northern Wind (October Story) Muffin Stories : The Mother Crab and Baby Crab
Animal Families Cute Animal Babies - Family Life of Animals "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"
Happy Birthday, MoonMoon Festival Story (part 1) Moon Festival Story (part 2) The Legend of Moon Festival
My Crayons Talk (with lyrics) The Rainbow FishTHE GRUFFALO read by The Picture Book LadyFroggy's HalloweenRoom on the Broom readaloud by Liz's Book Snuggery


States of Matter - Science Theater 30 STATES OF MATTER-GlassWater Cycle Movie

English Songs: Edewcate english rhymes : Over in the Meadow Nursery RhymeBearfoot -Over in the MeadowMuffin songs list

Bottle Boys
The Three Little KittensDry Bones (Dem Bones) Wheels On The Bus Muffin Songs : Wheels On The BusEensy Weensy SpiderMary Had a Little LambMuffin Songs Muffin Songs : Farmer in the Dell
Your Dictionary

Math Textbook: enVision

enVision Math
Math Curriculum Map

Math Practice Book
Math Vocabulary Cards and Word Walls from Granite School District Math Department
Math Interactive Dictionary Math Interactive Dictionary
Math Teaching Resources for K-5

School Eight Great Traits


First trimester Chinese Reading Fluency example

November 1, 2013

Stroke order: Basic Stroke Order

Oct 22, 2013
Oct 20, 2013
歌声与微笑Singing with a smile
两只老虎 [V2] 火车快飞王老先生有块地 妹妹背着洋娃娃 蝴蝶蝴蝶真美丽当我们同在一起 问候歌 虎姑婆稻草裏的火雞
Oct 11, 2014
School map
Chinese interactive stroke order
Chinese writing sheets:

Mandarin PPT

My name is ___.
Traditional Chinese phonic

注音符號 Bopomo Phonic both ping yin and bopomo

Phonic wirh pictures
Math 9 X timetable 9
Chinese stroke order how basic stroke orders
Learning Colors with Nature Video
Vegetable Vocabulary with pictures Fruit Vocabulary with pictures Vehicles Vocabulary with pictures Body Parts with pictures weather with picturesSchool with pictures Jobs with picturesStudy subjects with pictures Colors with pictures
Plants with pictures Marine Animals with pictures

Chinese Characters: 36 Chinese Characters 2008 漢字動畫 十二生肖 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals 漢字好好玩之1.mov chinese characters 漢字好好玩之2.mov chinese characters 漢字好好玩之3.mov chinese characters Part 1- Introduction to Chinese Characters in English

節慶活動-元宵節的由來與傳說 月亮的故事:陰晴圓缺的由來
Little Star專注力SUPER 速度感一起來運動 小蝌蚪變青蛙 (巧虎)唱唱跳跳-功夫舞唱遊-春曉(唐詩) 昆蟲功夫舞小青蛙
当我们同在一起兒歌-大象小驢子花生米魔法蛋颱風來的那一天黑寶的鏡子意想不到的晚餐神祕小火車我希望跟小鳥一樣小生日禮物--小蘋果毛毛蟲的新衣裳小熊寶貝晚安猩猩 月亮生日快樂人生的最後一堂課小蜜蜂採蜜過程
Baby Animals
Mother's EyesThe More We Get Together蜗牛与黄鹂鸟大象 快樂人生两只老虎小星星找朋友
妹妹背著洋娃娃小蜜蜂 蝴蝶蝴蝶真美麗 春神来了 伊比亚亚 真善美我是只小小鸟母鸭带小鸭母亲你真伟大 捕鱼歌說哈囉三輪車 小毛驢 火車快飛 造飛機 大公鸡 太陽出來了(簡譜)簡譜--恭喜恭喜簡譜---猜拳兔子舞 青海青娃娃国
Chinese Stories
三隻小豬 three little pigs chinese mandarin cartoon
【看十方】水墨动画:猴子捞月Monkeys pick up moonMonkeys pick up moon 2生日快樂 (國語版
Learn Chinese Characters Fast and Fun
Sound pronunciation guides
E book generate Chinese writing characters 師大生字簿
R 6 Back to School Night Letter

Room 18 Welcome Letter