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Stonebrae Elementary School
Ms. Rubino, Library/Computer:
Mrs. J Wicks, Room 3
Ms. C Lin, Room 16
Room 18
Mrs Joy Wang, Room 6
Mr. K Chen, Room 7
Mr. Ken Chen Room 7 Website
Mrs. Susan Ai, Room 7
Ms. G You, Room 4
Ms. Y Da, Room 12:
Room 32
2014-2015 Room 13 Ms. Lai
Ms Lai Room 13
Fremont Chinese School 403 Zhou

Dr. Diana Kuo, Room 13
Project Tui Dong Li (FLAP Grant):

Granite School District

Visual Mandarin:
Visual stroke order only, English translations, No sound, no animations
external image large_2583350485.gif Pinyin:
1. I
2. me
3. my

汉字读音笔顺 Simplified, sounds and animations

Traditional Characters Stroke Orders, sounds, animations and more.

Traditional Stroke Orders

Keyboard for typing both ping yin and zhu yin, traditional and simplified characters
注音小鍵盤 - 生活華語
注音. 漢拼. 通用. 繁體. 簡體. 注音小鍵盤. 生活華語Sky Mandarin. ㄅ. ㄉ. ˇ. ˋ. ㄓ. ˊ . ˙. ㄚ. ㄞ. ㄢ. ㄦ. ㄆ. ㄊ. ㄍ. ㄐ. ㄔ. ㄗ. ㄧ. ㄛ. ㄟ. ㄣ. ←. ㄇ. ㄋ. ㄎ. ㄑ. ㄕ. ㄘ. ㄨ. ㄜ ...

The Chinese Phonetic Song 汉语拼音歌



Quizlet website:
Flash cards


Body Parts

Countries, Moon Festival
What’s in your backpack

Sports in ping yi
Sports with pictures

Family and career

School lunch- food


Numbers, What’s your birthday? Months, day of week

Free online Simplified Chinese Textbooks
教材名称, 平面版下载. 《中文》教材第一册. 单课 · 整书. 《中文》教材第二册. 单课 · 整 书. 《中文》教材第三册. 单课 · 整书. 《中文》教材第四册. 单课 · 整书. 《中文》教材第五 ...

Chinese Children stories, classic poems and more in Traditional Characters with first generation Chinese phonics (Zhu yin/BoPoMo)
This website is a biweekly online Chinese Children Reader.

僑教雙週刊 - 全球華文網- 中華民國僑務委員會
三隻小豬 · 馬和驢子. 蚊子和獅子. 熊媽媽. 薔薇花. 三隻毛毛蟲. 射日彩虹 · 風、雨、雪 三兄弟 · 冷靜的老驢子 · 大家一起戴帽子. 話是收不回來的. 好吃懶做的小象 ...

第一計:瞞天過海. 第二計:圍魏救趙. 第三計:借刀殺人 · 第四計:以逸待勞 · 第五計: 趁火打劫. 第六計:聲東擊西. 第七計:無中生有. 第八計:暗渡陳倉 · 第九計:隔岸觀火 ...

CSULB links/resources for teachers

Measuring words

East Oahu Chinese School Resources

Chinese Characters (English)
Chinese Characters (English)

Below are old files

Parade Reflections paper is due March 31, 2013

Parade Party: 1:30-2:30pm. Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at Music Room
Board Meeting Presentation: 6:00pm- 7:00pm, Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at Hayward City Hall
Permission Slip

2013 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade on KTVU Ch2
(Please copy and paste the URL address into a new window to watch the video)

2013 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade Practice
Monday at 3:20-4:30pm, Wednesday at 1:30-3:00pm & Thursday at 3:20-4:30pm.

Parade Information Sheet

Chinese Kung Fu and songs mp3 file

Song lyrics