First Grade

October 27, 2013
Franklin Goes to School

First 100 High Frequency words -1 First 100 High Frequency words-2First 100 High Frequency words-3 First 100 High Frequency words-4
Chinese: Hello
This is my family
What's in the book bag?
Animal and Families
Months and Holidays

Room 18 Quzlet link created by Mrs. Ueberschaer 2012-2013
Audio Player: Who Is It

Audio Player: Fun x2


(Lesson 12-What do you want to eat?)
What do you want to eat
Lesson 12 Flash Cards


Lesson 11 Fruits

1st trimester vocabulary

2nd trimester vocabulary

What day is today?
Lesson 9

Geometric Shapes

Four Seasons




Sports & Hobbies

Year, month, week & days